Before They Disappear

A Race Against Climate Change To Show Our Kids a Disappearing World

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A Journey To Raise Awareness About Climate Change

An Adventure With a Purpose

We have always loved traveling and being outside, but when we watched the documentary Chasing Coral on Netflix back in 2018, it was the spark that set us on this journey. It showed us the far-reaching impacts of climate change and led to an a-ha moment – at the pace the world is altering, the opportunity for our kids to see their world before it changes irrevocably is shrinking. We decided to step away from our careers for six months, travel around the world, and give our kids the opportunity to see and explore their world before it disappears. We want to bring to light what is really happening and share it with all our readers.

Our Goal

We are traveling to see places around the world before they disappear due to climate change. We aspire to learn about climate adaptation, mitigation, and equity along the way through observation, connecting with local communities, and education. We are Netflix-inspired and podcast-informed, and we have so much to learn (we are far from scientists or experts in climate change). But what we lack in knowledge, we make up for in purpose and determination to give our kids the gift of experiencing their world and providing them with an alternate education with a focus on climate change.

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Join Us

We are on our way to making the world a better place, educating and informing people about the adverse effect of climate change. Join us in this journey to help bring light to what's really happening around the globe.